The Antrim Players Proudly Announces  
Our 81st Season For 2017-2018
with 4 Main Stage Productions 

Antrim Playhouse's Next Production is


Opens January 19th. runs til February 4th.

*Saturday, January 20th. performance will be at 3:00 pm! 
NO 8:00pm performance!


Doreen DiBenedetto as Dotty/Mrs. Clackett
James Lugo as Lloyd/Director
 Larry Gabbard as Garry/Roger
Judy Tounsi as Brooke/Vicki
 Damon Fischetti as Fredrick/ Phillip/Sheikh
Taylor Rose Rizzotti as Belinda/Flavia
Joe DeSpirito as Selson/Burglar
Kaitlyn Kozinski as Poppy/ASM
Harry Leavey as Tim/Stage Manager

Production Team:

Directed by - Dana Duff
Written by- Michael Frayn
 Stage Manager/ Co-Producer - Christine Kavanagh
Co-Producer - Lori Adelson
Co-Producer - Chris Yacopino

Performance Dates: 

January 19th. 2018- February 4th. 2018*,
Tickets are on sale Now! Online or at the Box Office.

*Saturday, January 20th. performance will be at 3:00 pm! **NO 8:00pm performance!**

Written By: Dan Goggin
Directed By: Anthony Bragaglia
Produced By: Bridget Emsworth
October 13-November 5, 2017
Written By: Michael Frayn
Directed By: Dana Duff
Jan.19, 2018-Feb 4, 2018
Written By: Tom Dulack
Directed By Melinda Pinto
March 23rd.-April 8th.
Written By: James Goldman
Directed By: 
Debra Lee Failla
June 8th.-June 24th.
Below is updated information about the change in traffic patterns
 near our little theater in the woods. 
Please Refer to map when you come see the show!