Written By: Tom Dulack
Directed By: Melinda Pinto
Produced By: 
Kim Farewell & Jim Guarasci

Monday 12/4 and Tuesday 12/5 at 7 pm at the 
Helen Hayes Studio* in Nyack, NY.

Thursday 12/7 at 7 pm (by invitation) at the 
Helen Hayes Studio

*Helen Hayes Studios 
142 Main St. Nyack, NY

Our studios are located at the corner of Main and Franklin Streets. The studios are not visible from the street. Look for the blue awning of the Franklin Antique Center and the Chinese restaurant on the corner. There is a driveway next to the Chinese restaurant. If you walk to the rear of that parking lot, you will see our door at the back of the building


March 23rd. -April 8th.


Before “The Sporano’s” there was “Breaking Leg’s”. The worlds of the Mafia and the theatre clash hilariously when a playwright seeks funding for his new play. A former student (Angie) whose father owns an Italian restaurant, has suggested to the professor that her dad and his cronies-her “uncles”- might want to invest in his play. They are-as long as they don’t have to read it! The daughter falling in love with the playwright adds to the fun. There’s no business like show business…unless it’s “the family business”! 


TERENCE O’KEEFE: in his late 40s, early 50s, a playwright, English Professor

LOU GRANZIANO: 55, the proprietor of a restaurant

ANGIE: 28, his attractive daughter

MIKE FRANCISCO: in his late 50s, a man who is sometimes “mistaken” for a mobster

TINO DE FELICE: in his 50s, a “businessman”

FRANKIE SALVUCCI: in his 50s, a horse-player 

Sides will be available at auditions

 Any questions or more information Please contact 
Melinda Pinto at

We are looking for volunteers to help in all aspects of this show. Anyone interested in helping with Stage Mgr. Crew, Lights, Sound, Costumes etc. 
please contact Kim Farewell ASAP