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Written by: Steven Karam
Directed by: Joe Albert Lima

Brigid and Richard have moved into a shabby two-floor apartment in New York’s Chinatown just in time for Thanksgiving, and her family--mom, dad, sister and grandma--arrives from Scranton, PA to laugh, argue, and eat around the table. But also dished up are fears, real and imagined, experienced by many Americans dealing with life today.

Audition Dates

Tuesday June 25rd at 7:00pm
Thursday June 27th at 7:00 pm

Call Backs TBA by invitation

Audition Location


Performance Dates:

October 11th, 12th, 18th 19th, 25th and 26th at 8:00PM
October 13th, 20th, and 27th at 2:00PM

Casting Information:

Eric Blake: 60ish - Irish-American, Catholic, working-class background from Scranton, PA. Has been head of maintenance at a high school for 28 years; loves his family and has worked hard all his life; has very recently been fired from his job because he was discovered having an affair with a teacher at the school; he is trying to remain stalwart in the face of having lost his job, his pension, his life savings, and his self-worth. The rug has been pulled out from under him. He is struggling to make sense of his life and the world.

Deirdre Blake: 60ish - Irish-American. Working-class background from Scranton, PA. Overweight. Her Catholic beliefs have sustained her her entire life, especially through her husband's recent infidelity and the subsequent economic catastrophe to the two of them that it produced; she's found a way to forgive her husband for his transgression; she is both a pragmatist and a romantic; she has worked for the same company since graduating from high school.

Fiona (Momo) Blake: 79ish - Erik's mother; Irish-American Catholic. In the throes of dementia for the past four years; most of her speech doesn't make sense and is repetitive, although her gibberish may be related to what she senses is going on around her; occasionally prone to wild outbursts of rage; much beloved by all members of the family for the loving person she once was.

Aimee Blake: 34ish - Irish-American. Grew up in Scranton, PA. Is now a lawyer, working for a large corporate firm in Philadelphia and makes a good living; possibly a little overweight; she has recently broken up with her longtime girlfriend and is heartbroken; she also suffers from ulcerative colitis which causes her constant discomfort and has to have major surgery soon; she is the eldest of two girls; gentle and sensitive but strong; by nature, and perhaps because she has learned to be, the more even-keeled of the two sisters, often playing peacemaker in the family.

Brigid Blake: 26ish - Irish-American, born in Scranton, PA. The youngest of two daughters; she currently lives in NYC; a musician and composer with an artistic (mercurial) nature and frustrated that she is bartending and collecting unemployment and not able to pursue her career; a bit spoiled, upbeat most of the time, and full of energy; she loves her parents but is embarrassed by their provincialism now that's she's become a big-city dweller; in spite of that, she still seeks their approval and wants them to love her new apartment and her boyfriend.

Richard Saad: 38ish - American with Middle Eastern (Arabic) ancestry. Comes from privilege and money; in a few years he will come into a trust fund; probably from the Boston area; his family also has a house on Cape Cod; he is currently studying to get his masters in social work (his mother has a private practice as a therapist); bright, tries to stay upbeat and positive, and is very sensitive to the Blakes' complicated family dynamics. He tries to keep things running smoothly during this holiday dinner; suffers from depression and apparently had a breakdown a number of years ago; he's willing to reveal that to Brigid's parents, as he feels he's moved on in his life.

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Written and Directed by: Bea Pohl

Synopsis: Georgia Lee McClendon was the daughter of a ½ Negro, ½ Native American woman and a white father. She lives in Macon, Georgia during the end of the 18th Century, right after the Civil War. This is story about her fight to find her way in this world and to find out where she belongs, all the while having a curse from her mother’s past bring tragedy at every turn.


Thursday, June 20 6:00 PM-7:45 PM
Saturday, June 29 1:00 PM-3:00 PM

Call Backs TBD


The Nyack Library
59 S Broadway
Nyack, NY 10960


September 27, 28 and 29 at 8:00 PM
September 28, two shows matinee at 2:00 PM

Main Casting (In order of appearances)

Liza (Ama) McClendon-Woods 20s/later 30s- A young ½ Cherokee and ½ Negro woman. Mother to Georgia Lee and Rachel. Lover and wife of Wiley McClendon and later wife of Jeremiah Woods. She has fallen in love with a man not of her race and is exiled from her tribe. She is trying to find her place in a world that was not meant for her.

Woman Who Sees Far 50s/60s – Georgia’s great grandmother on her grandfather’s side and a full-blood Cherokee. She has lost many of her family and people. She does not trust people easily, especially white men. She loves Liza but not her choices. She tries to be accepted of Georgia Lee and her half-sister Rachel.

Wiley McClendon 30s– a white store owner. Husband of Liza and father of Georgia Lee. He lives in town and loves Liza, but cannot commit to her fully as he believes by having an inter-racial marriage would make him financially vulnerable. He chooses his business over her.

Ella McCray – Paternal step aunt of Georgia and blood aunt of Rachel. Sister of Jeremiah Woods. 40 – 50 years old. She is raising three sons by herself. Her husband was murdered just like her brother, Liza’s husband Jeremiah Woods. She is a God-fearing Christian and keeps her moral beliefs close to her heart.

Georgia Lee McClendon-Woods – A young mixed African American teen daughter of Liza. She is the birth child of Liza and Wiley McClendon. She is also the adopted daughter of Jeremiah Woods. She is young, naïve and trying to find her place in her current world. Must be able to play different age groups (teens/young women/adult)

Rachel Woods – 12 Half-sister to Georgia Lee, daughter of Liza and Jeremiah Woods. She is also naïve, but unlike Georgia she is very cautious in any actions she take. She understands consequences of life. She loves and cares for Georgia and is the only one who really understands her. Must be able to play different age groups (teens/young women/adult).

Mister Bertram Woods – 20s – 30s-Paternal Uncle of Georgia and Rachel. Brother to Ella and Jeremiah. He is very persuasive, owns his own business and seems to be well off. He is also a con man and usually is confrontational to the lifestyle of Ella, his sister.

Charlotte McCleary – Caucasian, older white woman prostitute in Bertram’s business- Late 40 -50s. She is the wise and yet she has compassion for young girls like Georgia and her sister Rachel. She wants to be a part of gentile society, but had misfortunes that have led her to her current business.

Della Du Bois – African American, younger prostitute in Bertram’s business – 20s – early 30s. She is still young at heart and very naïve when it comes to the business she is in. She is a protégé of Charlotte’s and Charlotte has much influence over her.

Carl (Topps) Adams – African American. Georgia Lee’s husband. Railroad conductor and college graduate. He comes from a very affluent family in Georgia. His father is head of a Seminary College and also part of the blue-blood African Americans who live in the rich side of town. He loves Georgia, willing to defy his father and family for her.

ENSEMBLE – Other characters to be listed at audition.

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