Sadly for all of us, we lost our “Mr. Antrim” to another, greater stage for him to shine upon.  He is sure to be as great a star in heaven as he was here on earth to all of us who were lucky enough to know and love him.  So many audiences at Antrim knew of his talents as an actor or director, and everyone who was involved in any capacity whatsoever within our theater knew him as the wonderful gentleman who was always there to help in any way that he could….and….he always could….and did.

A patient, kind man with an absolutely amazing disposition…he somehow managed to be always “up”…. Tom made everyone feel better after being in contact with him.  There are a million and one wonderful “Tom” stories here at Antrim, and they deservedly will live on for a very long, long time. 

Luckily, I have so many personal memories of Tom to cherish, but for now I  am remembering a recent cast party after a performance of “Snow White” in which  Tom entertained all of us with his singing and guitar playing.  He  followed that magnificent performance with the most heartfelt speech I have ever heard.  With simple, sincere and brilliant eloquence he spoke about how much he truly loved Antrim.  The building itself was his pride and joy, and he lovingly tended and cared for every nook, cranny and inch of it. He truly  loved everything about our Antrim community….the theater, the people, and the productions. 

In return, all of us here have loved Tom, our one and only “Mr. Antrim”. 

Please go gently into that good light, dear friend.
                  Bill Conroy, President 2004 - 2010
""Mr. Antrin
Past president, Board of Directors member, actor, director, producer, house manager, set builder, repairman, historian, technician, custodian, production announcer etc., etc., etc.. Those were some of the positions and jobs held by one very remarkable man, Tom France…AKA to all of us as “Mr. Antrim”. As I sat writing this, our beloved Tom was lying in a hospital bed in a deep coma. His remarkable, loving wife, Lu, their grown children and their family members, and a constant stream of friends were by his bedside.  They were all there to bid their sad farewells to this magnificent man who has graced the life of every person he was ever associated with.